Saturday, October 1

Vanity Dresser

If we're Facebook or Snapchat friends, you know that recently the most awesome boyfriend in the world got me a vanity dresser (which he did the design and measurements himself, am I lucky or what? lol). Anyway, I honestly can't remember when or why I became really obsessed interested with makeup. Sure I used to do my makeup back when I was working in a hotel (you face clients on a regular basis so looking presentable was necessary) but I didn't spend so much time (and money) on makeup then. I had a couple of BB creams, blush, and a few lip products. 
Source: Giphy
Luigi noticed how my collection was fast growing (tinalo pa economy ng Pilipinas chos!) and how my kikay stuff were literally everywhere HAHA. I assumed that he got me the dresser because:

  •  Our place was cluttered with brushes and tubes of makeup (nastress na si kuya lol).
  •  He figured it would inspire me to do my makeup (hence I have to be the first one to get up every morning, giving him extra 30 minutes of sleep pppffft).
  •  He just loveeees me that much (yaaas cheeseand is very supportive of my kaartehan.
Source: Giphy
Whatever his reasons were, I'm just glad he got me this. And it was ridiculously cute how he tried to surprise me with it (hihi). It's a great thing though that he wasn't able to pull off the surprise 100%. It just proved that he's terrible at lying (yeeees always honest lol).
Pardon the mess =)))))))
Moving forward, I now plan to share my random beauty hauls and makeup musings (wow lumelegit blogger ang peg hahaha). Time to watch more Youtube tutorials and read beauty blogs since I'm FAAAARR from being an expert when it comes to beauty/makeup. Hoping I can finally drag my ass to attend makeup classes/workshops soon. We'll see. But for now, here's to getting more makeup and enjoying my dresser yaaaaaaaaaaas!
Source: Giphy