Thursday, September 15

Boracay 2016

I'm still on a BoracHIGH even though it has been two weeks since our trip. This short vacay was definitely a breather since we've been working our butts off the past couple of months.
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It's funny how it was my first time to visit the island even though my father's family is from Aklan. Luigi and I have TRIED to go to Boracay several times (thrice to be exact) but work and school ALWAYS ALWAYS got in our way (good thing the tickets we booked before were all from seat sales, di masyadong masakit lol).

We flew through Cebu Pacific and spent just around 2K for our RT tickets (we booked them last Feb). Since we flew to Kalibo (tickets were cheaper) we had to travel to Caticlan upon arriving at the airport (I will forever stand by my rule of not spending so much on plane tickets and allocating the money on the actual trip instead). Good thing I checked the CebPac website a week prior to our trip and found out that they offer transfers from Kalibo to Caticlan and vice versa (they've partnered with Southwest Tours). The transfers included the bus, ferry, and even the van going to/from your resort/accommodation, so I booked us RT transfers as well (I didn't want to think about anything else and stress myself during this getaway so..).

I'm not going to write in detail what happened during our 4-day vacation, let the video do the talking (chos! hahaha):

Just to give you an idea on how much we spent during this trip:

RT Tickets: Php 1,183 x 2 = Php 2,366
RT Transfers: Php 900 x 2 = Php 1,800
Accomodation (we stayed at my tita's place but we still paid): Php1,500 per night but we were 4 so Php 2,250 for the two of us (for 3 nights)
Parasailing + Helmet Diving: Php 1,700 x 2 = P 3,400 + Php 140 (RT trike fare) = Php 3,540
Puka Beach trip: Php 120 (RT trike fare) + Php 300 (drinks to get a cottage/table) = Php 420
Paddleboard (Luigi): Php 500 (1 hr)
Spider House: Php 250 (RT trike fare)
Total: Php 11,126 / 2 = Php 5,563 each
*This doesn't include food expenses (which is quite big as you know foodie matakaw kame lol) and pasalubongs. My recommended restos/cafe are Zuzuni, Lemoni Cafe, and of course Jonah's Fruit Shake :)

A Boracay getaway doesn't have to be as expensive as this trip. It's just that it was our first time so we really wanted to experience the water activities. We're going back on February and hopefully we'll spend less but still enjoy the island's fine white sand and clear waters.