Friday, May 20

Ready, Aim, Fire!: Commander Range & Sports Club, Inc.

My closest friends know how much I hate balloons (or anything that pops, blasts, or explodes). The loud/banging noise scares the shit out of me so I always distant myself from such things.
Source: Giphy
Funny thing is I grew up with guns around the house because of my dad. Given the situation, one would think I'll be quite comfortable with guns, but no definitely not. I only like "hand" guns LOL.
Source: Giphy
But a couple of months ago, I saw this deal over at Ensogo (voucher queen alert), and immediately bought one since Luigi and I talked about wanting to try new things out (and to my defense, impulsive pa ko before! now, not so much hahaha right). At Php 959.00, the deal was good for 2 persons inclusive of gun lesson, gun rental, range fee, shooting gear, 40 ammo rds., and 2 target papers.

Disclaimer: Sorry for the horrible photos. I was literally shaking the entire time (huhu)!
We went last weekend because I realized that the voucher was about to expire (so much for monitoring my coupons haha damn). The instructor was patient (because I was being a scared brat) and he helped us out the entire time.

Luigi obviously enjoyed it more. I was only able to fire about 10 rounds and just gave my remaining bullets to him.
It was definitely something new and I'm glad I was able to try it (kahit super hassle and struggle ugh). I'd like to think I did pretty good considering how terrified I was just holding a gun (look oh may mga 10 pa nga! hahaha). So will we go back and try it again? Probably, since Luigi loved it, but I can't say I'm looking forward to it LOL.


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