Friday, May 20

Ready, Aim, Fire!: Commander Range & Sports Club, Inc.

My closest friends know how much I hate balloons (or anything that pops, blasts, or explodes). The loud/banging noise scares the shit out of me so I always distant myself from such things.
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Funny thing is I grew up with guns around the house because of my dad. Given the situation, one would think I'll be quite comfortable with guns, but no definitely not. I only like "hand" guns LOL.
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But a couple of months ago, I saw this deal over at Ensogo (voucher queen alert), and immediately bought one since Luigi and I talked about wanting to try new things out (and to my defense, impulsive pa ko before! now, not so much hahaha right). At Php 959.00, the deal was good for 2 persons inclusive of gun lesson, gun rental, range fee, shooting gear, 40 ammo rds., and 2 target papers.

Disclaimer: Sorry for the horrible photos. I was literally shaking the entire time (huhu)!
We went last weekend because I realized that the voucher was about to expire (so much for monitoring my coupons haha damn). The instructor was patient (because I was being a scared brat) and he helped us out the entire time.

Luigi obviously enjoyed it more. I was only able to fire about 10 rounds and just gave my remaining bullets to him.
It was definitely something new and I'm glad I was able to try it (kahit super hassle and struggle ugh). I'd like to think I did pretty good considering how terrified I was just holding a gun (look oh may mga 10 pa nga! hahaha). So will we go back and try it again? Probably, since Luigi loved it, but I can't say I'm looking forward to it LOL.

Friday, May 6

Uptown Mall: VIP Cinema

Luigi and I only catch films on the big screen on rare occasions (because we're kuripot like that haha). Marvel movies are always the exception wherein we would automatically go to a theater to watch. So a couple of days ago we decided to see Captain America: Civil War at this fairly new cinema in BGC.

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Uptown Cinemas has 5 theaters including the VIP cinema that looks similar to that of Newport/Resorts World (both are under Megaworld). Being the popcorn lovers that we are, and Luigi being a drinking maniac (not alcohol drinks though thank goodness), of course we decided to try their VIP cinema (unli popcorn and drinks woot woot!). For Php 520 each (there's an additional Php 20 per ticket when you book online), I'd say it's definitely reasonable and a heck of a deal.

Seats were cozy and enjoyable; perfect for couples! As for their popcorn, I don't even know how to describe how tasty it was! For the longest time, I would only always eat Sour Cream popcorn from Taters and now, I've found a new love (arte, but seriously their sour cream popcorn was that good I wanted to marry it hahahaha waley). We were only able to try 2 flavors (sour cream and bbq) since I've read some not-so-good reviews about the other flavors which are butter and cheese (meh but we'll eventually try them for sure). We each had 2 bags of popcorn and 2 sodas (oink oink sulit na sulit diba?).
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Uptown Mall is really starting to grow on me (may ganon? hahaha). Aside from their amazing cinemas, their restaurants are quite impressive too (we love Morganfields ugh!). So if you're in the BGC area, you should drop by and check the place out for yourself ;)