Monday, April 25

Subic 2016

As most Filipinos can attest to, it is CRAZY HOT nowadays. A beach trip is something all of us wants right? 
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We went to Camayan Beach Resort last April 17 for a day trip with Luigi's family. The place was uh okay I guess (typical eh haha sabaw). There's a designated swimming area but being the bad ass kids that we are (lol jk malayo kasi sa cabana ung swimming area okay), we stayed on the "rocky" side of the beach for most part of the day. So aside from the experience, I got to take home several cuts/wounds and bruises, even though I wore my aqua shoes (I think aqua shoes should be high cut or may ganun na ba? lol my ideas).

Day trip entrance is Php 500 for adults and I think Php 420 for kids. You can rent a cabana for Php 1,500 for the entire day. The food (which is one of the things we always look forward to every trip) was simply unsatisfying (except for the Milo drink/shake that I loveeed). There are several activities available such as diving, kayaking, frisbee, volleyball, etc. Luigi and his brother rented a flying disc for Php 200 (good for 2 hours only). The rental of equipment/gears are quite expensive and in my opinion not worth it all (lakas makaopinion umeexpert feels hahaha). So it's best for you to bring these if you already have them (e.g. vest, volleyball, snorkeling gear, etc.). We wanted to play volleyball but didn't want to rent na so we just asked those who were already playing if we can join them (hashtag kapal ng mga mukha lang haha).

Overall though we still enjoyed as we got to spend time with his family. The worst part of the trip was our unbelievable travel back to Manila. NLEX was literally like a parking lot (similar to when we had our Sagada trip two weeks ago, ugh I can't even). I think we spent around 4 hours in NLEX alone, nakakabaliw. So a little tip, if you're planning to head North, don't go back to Manila on a Sunday night nakakastress I swear!
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