Monday, April 4

Burger Mania: Pound by Todd English

(Disclaimer: Super late post 1st week of March pa dapat to lol).

Luigi loves trying out new restaurants (as much as I do), but he has never been the "let's go try this place or eat there" type of boyfriend (cause he rarely reads food blogs/reviews). So I was surprised when he sent me a message asking me if we can try this burger place in BGC (of course I said yes duh food haha).
The place looked small from where we were seated (near the kitchen area).
We were starving when we got there so we immediately checked their menu.
Source: Google

Good Ol' fries (Php 90)
Loved the fries! We were looking forward to the burgers (anticipating big servings considering the price) but like they say 'expectations lead to disappointments' (#hugot hahaha). But even with the size, their burgers were full-flavored and extremely juicy.
Amsterdam Burger (Php 280)
T.E. Burger with Yellow Cheddar (Php 245)

Cute mugs!
Overall though, there was nothing too fancy with their burgers that would make us visit regularly. Being the kuripots that we are, value for money is a huge factor for us. But hey, if you have the extra dough to spare, you should give this a shot :)

*More information: Pound by Todd English


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