Tuesday, March 1

Game on: Onboard Game + Gastro Pub

Last week, Luigi wanted to "chill" (yes ikaw na stress!) so I brought him (well he drove, I just asked him to labo) to Circuit Makati since I've always wanted to check out Onboard Game + Gastro PubBeing competitive in nature, (dog-eat-dog peg lol JOKE) I've always enjoyed anything that involves winning; sports, video and card/board games, arguments, etc.
Game marshals are available to assist if you're not familiar with the games. Luigi chose the first game (while waiting for our food). He wanted to play Clue (knowing it was my favorite) but he obviously had no idea what it was about and didn't know that it's best played with more than 2 players (fail forever).

The marshal suggested Exploding Kittens instead (and taught us how to play). It was cute and engrossing. With a bit of strategy and so much luck on my side, I won 2-0 yaaaaaaaaaaas!
Our food came in after 2 games (finally hunger games mode) I had no expectations since it was the games that I looked forward to, but surprisingly their food was quite good.
Loved the Salted Egg and Garlic wings!
The Smokehouse
Flank Steak with Chimichurri
After pigging out, it was my turn to pick and I chose Sequence. It looked really interesting (but fine, it was more because that little kid took the Uno Stacko I wanted grrrr). Great choice though since it was the game we enjoyed the most (ang galing ko talaga, pati sa pagpili ng game competitive lol). My game plan was simple: 50% strategy and 50% hope (that Luigi gets too caught up to notice my moves HAHAHA wiin!)
After 5 games, we still had our fattening milkshake, so we decided to play one last game; the classic Battleship,
Cookies n Cream milkshake
Oo medyo pauso kame baliktad ung battleship namin HAHAHA
With a score of 8-1(total for all games), I clearly won the night in a walk (ha!)

Couples who've been together for so long tend to get boring sometimes. Luigi and I promised each other to never let that happen, (at least not in this lifetime) so we're always up for new activities/things. Hmm.. so what's next? :)


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