Monday, February 29

Republic Wakepark 2016

I've been meaning to post about our anniversary trip for so long but I've been busy lazy.
We weren't able to really plan for our anniversary this year (like a legit out of town or out of the country trip) because prior to January I was a full time girlfriend (lol I was unemployed doing chores at home).
Not wanting to book a trip that would exhaust the little savings we had, we decided to just celebrate small. On the 2nd of week of January, I was browsing online about random places when I came across Republic's website. We've always wanted to try wakeboarding (we even had tickets to CamSur last July but we weren't able to go due to inclement weather, ugh how timely right?) and luckily, there was still an available room for Feb.

So last February 8, from Tagaytay (after a family weekend at my dad's new place wooohoo) we headed to Laguna for our first wakeboarding experience yaaaas!

On our first day, we decided to get the 1-hour pass (newbie hits) at Php 250.00 each. Rental of the gears/equipment were complimentary since we were checked-in. Since Feb 8 was a holiday, there were A LOT of people. We were only able to ride 4 times (2 of which I fell headfirst into the water hassle!).
The next day we got the 2-hour pass (Php 475.00 each) and it was super WORTH IT! We had the park all to ourselves for about 40 minutes so imagine how excited we were (unli rides peg!). Luigi (the boyfriend), also tried the"pro" park a couple of times while I decided to just give it a shot next time cause I was (scared) exhausted.

Random thoughts:

- We booked a Deluxe room at Php 2,250.00. Be reminded though that all rooms share a common bathroom (only found out upon check-in).
- The 'kuya instructors' are super nice and they'll really guide/teach you. Never thought I'd learn the basics in such a short time.
- Best to go riding in the morning (as soon as it opens) so you can fully enjoy the park
- Watching TV at night is almost impossible as the signal (well at least in our room) was so horrible (probably 'cause of the strong winds)
- Restaurant serves decent meals. No food and drinks are allowed inside the park when the restaurant is open. Their operating hours though is from 9am to 5pm only (or was it because it was a holiday?)
  The nearest mall is about 8-10 km? (I'm bad with distance) but it was quite far

Overall, it was a fun experience and we only spent around Php 6,000.00 (accommodation, rides and food). So stoked for our next wakeboarding trip!

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