Saturday, October 1

Vanity Dresser

If we're Facebook or Snapchat friends, you know that recently the most awesome boyfriend in the world got me a vanity dresser (which he did the design and measurements himself, am I lucky or what? lol). Anyway, I honestly can't remember when or why I became really obsessed interested with makeup. Sure I used to do my makeup back when I was working in a hotel (you face clients on a regular basis so looking presentable was necessary) but I didn't spend so much time (and money) on makeup then. I had a couple of BB creams, blush, and a few lip products. 
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Luigi noticed how my collection was fast growing (tinalo pa economy ng Pilipinas chos!) and how my kikay stuff were literally everywhere HAHA. I assumed that he got me the dresser because:

  •  Our place was cluttered with brushes and tubes of makeup (nastress na si kuya lol).
  •  He figured it would inspire me to do my makeup (hence I have to be the first one to get up every morning, giving him extra 30 minutes of sleep pppffft).
  •  He just loveeees me that much (yaaas cheeseand is very supportive of my kaartehan.
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Whatever his reasons were, I'm just glad he got me this. And it was ridiculously cute how he tried to surprise me with it (hihi). It's a great thing though that he wasn't able to pull off the surprise 100%. It just proved that he's terrible at lying (yeeees always honest lol).
Pardon the mess =)))))))
Moving forward, I now plan to share my random beauty hauls and makeup musings (wow lumelegit blogger ang peg hahaha). Time to watch more Youtube tutorials and read beauty blogs since I'm FAAAARR from being an expert when it comes to beauty/makeup. Hoping I can finally drag my ass to attend makeup classes/workshops soon. We'll see. But for now, here's to getting more makeup and enjoying my dresser yaaaaaaaaaaas!
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Thursday, September 15

Boracay 2016

I'm still on a BoracHIGH even though it has been two weeks since our trip. This short vacay was definitely a breather since we've been working our butts off the past couple of months.
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It's funny how it was my first time to visit the island even though my father's family is from Aklan. Luigi and I have TRIED to go to Boracay several times (thrice to be exact) but work and school ALWAYS ALWAYS got in our way (good thing the tickets we booked before were all from seat sales, di masyadong masakit lol).

We flew through Cebu Pacific and spent just around 2K for our RT tickets (we booked them last Feb). Since we flew to Kalibo (tickets were cheaper) we had to travel to Caticlan upon arriving at the airport (I will forever stand by my rule of not spending so much on plane tickets and allocating the money on the actual trip instead). Good thing I checked the CebPac website a week prior to our trip and found out that they offer transfers from Kalibo to Caticlan and vice versa (they've partnered with Southwest Tours). The transfers included the bus, ferry, and even the van going to/from your resort/accommodation, so I booked us RT transfers as well (I didn't want to think about anything else and stress myself during this getaway so..).

I'm not going to write in detail what happened during our 4-day vacation, let the video do the talking (chos! hahaha):

Just to give you an idea on how much we spent during this trip:

RT Tickets: Php 1,183 x 2 = Php 2,366
RT Transfers: Php 900 x 2 = Php 1,800
Accomodation (we stayed at my tita's place but we still paid): Php1,500 per night but we were 4 so Php 2,250 for the two of us (for 3 nights)
Parasailing + Helmet Diving: Php 1,700 x 2 = P 3,400 + Php 140 (RT trike fare) = Php 3,540
Puka Beach trip: Php 120 (RT trike fare) + Php 300 (drinks to get a cottage/table) = Php 420
Paddleboard (Luigi): Php 500 (1 hr)
Spider House: Php 250 (RT trike fare)
Total: Php 11,126 / 2 = Php 5,563 each
*This doesn't include food expenses (which is quite big as you know foodie matakaw kame lol) and pasalubongs. My recommended restos/cafe are Zuzuni, Lemoni Cafe, and of course Jonah's Fruit Shake :)

A Boracay getaway doesn't have to be as expensive as this trip. It's just that it was our first time so we really wanted to experience the water activities. We're going back on February and hopefully we'll spend less but still enjoy the island's fine white sand and clear waters.

Wednesday, July 20

Trufa + Yardstick

Once in a while, my colleagues and I indulge ourselves by exploring the many hidden (and not so hidden) gems in Makati. I came across Trufa Pasta Bar while I was randomly browsing though CookieBar's Instagram account. I got really excited that they will be having their goodies in this resto (yay goodbye diet forever!). Initially that's the reason why I wanted to go to Trufa, but once I got to research on what the restaurant has to offer, I immediately messaged my colleagues and told them about the place.

Trufa is located at the Legaspi Village (Esteban St.). It's a few minutes (okay more like 20 minutes since mabagal and tamad ako maglakad hahaha) away from our office so we went here a few Tuesdays ago. They were still on soft opening when we visited so there weren't a lot of people that time.

The place looks very modern. Since I enjoy anything DIY, I loved the concept of Trufa. You get to choose your pasta, sauce, and toppings (huhu ang saya!). I opted to have Trufa fussili with setas (mushrooms). The serving was personally good enough for me (my colleagues found their servings on the smaller side though). I was pleased with what I ordered (well I'm biased 'cause I loveee truffle pasta).

Trufa Fussili with Setas (mushrooms) - Php 380

My colleague's order: 4 Quesos Penne with Pollo (chicken) - Php 370

Another colleague's order: Bolonesa de Casa Fussili - Php 260
Dessert display (Cookie Bar goodies!)
After lunch, my colleagues and I decided to go to Yardstick (since it's almost just across Trufa). It was my first time here and I liked how minimalist the place looked. I ordered their Yardshake as recommended by my friends. Since I'm not a coffee lover I was surprised with how much I liked this drink! It's something I can definitely have on a regular basis (pero malayo for me so hindi rin lmaofeck).
Flat White - Php 180
Yardshake - Php 180
I constantly crave for new adventures and things to try out (mostly food and makeup duh hahaha). Although I usually prefer to check new places out with Luigi, it was definitely a cool experience to go on a 'sort of food trip' with my friends. Not sure when we'll do this again (since we're all trying to save up haha), but I'm definitely looking forward to our next food quest.
The Gang (chos!)

Friday, May 20

Ready, Aim, Fire!: Commander Range & Sports Club, Inc.

My closest friends know how much I hate balloons (or anything that pops, blasts, or explodes). The loud/banging noise scares the shit out of me so I always distant myself from such things.
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Funny thing is I grew up with guns around the house because of my dad. Given the situation, one would think I'll be quite comfortable with guns, but no definitely not. I only like "hand" guns LOL.
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But a couple of months ago, I saw this deal over at Ensogo (voucher queen alert), and immediately bought one since Luigi and I talked about wanting to try new things out (and to my defense, impulsive pa ko before! now, not so much hahaha right). At Php 959.00, the deal was good for 2 persons inclusive of gun lesson, gun rental, range fee, shooting gear, 40 ammo rds., and 2 target papers.

Disclaimer: Sorry for the horrible photos. I was literally shaking the entire time (huhu)!
We went last weekend because I realized that the voucher was about to expire (so much for monitoring my coupons haha damn). The instructor was patient (because I was being a scared brat) and he helped us out the entire time.

Luigi obviously enjoyed it more. I was only able to fire about 10 rounds and just gave my remaining bullets to him.
It was definitely something new and I'm glad I was able to try it (kahit super hassle and struggle ugh). I'd like to think I did pretty good considering how terrified I was just holding a gun (look oh may mga 10 pa nga! hahaha). So will we go back and try it again? Probably, since Luigi loved it, but I can't say I'm looking forward to it LOL.

Friday, May 6

Uptown Mall: VIP Cinema

Luigi and I only catch films on the big screen on rare occasions (because we're kuripot like that haha). Marvel movies are always the exception wherein we would automatically go to a theater to watch. So a couple of days ago we decided to see Captain America: Civil War at this fairly new cinema in BGC.

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Uptown Cinemas has 5 theaters including the VIP cinema that looks similar to that of Newport/Resorts World (both are under Megaworld). Being the popcorn lovers that we are, and Luigi being a drinking maniac (not alcohol drinks though thank goodness), of course we decided to try their VIP cinema (unli popcorn and drinks woot woot!). For Php 520 each (there's an additional Php 20 per ticket when you book online), I'd say it's definitely reasonable and a heck of a deal.

Seats were cozy and enjoyable; perfect for couples! As for their popcorn, I don't even know how to describe how tasty it was! For the longest time, I would only always eat Sour Cream popcorn from Taters and now, I've found a new love (arte, but seriously their sour cream popcorn was that good I wanted to marry it hahahaha waley). We were only able to try 2 flavors (sour cream and bbq) since I've read some not-so-good reviews about the other flavors which are butter and cheese (meh but we'll eventually try them for sure). We each had 2 bags of popcorn and 2 sodas (oink oink sulit na sulit diba?).
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Uptown Mall is really starting to grow on me (may ganon? hahaha). Aside from their amazing cinemas, their restaurants are quite impressive too (we love Morganfields ugh!). So if you're in the BGC area, you should drop by and check the place out for yourself ;)

Monday, April 25

Subic 2016

As most Filipinos can attest to, it is CRAZY HOT nowadays. A beach trip is something all of us wants right? 
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We went to Camayan Beach Resort last April 17 for a day trip with Luigi's family. The place was uh okay I guess (typical eh haha sabaw). There's a designated swimming area but being the bad ass kids that we are (lol jk malayo kasi sa cabana ung swimming area okay), we stayed on the "rocky" side of the beach for most part of the day. So aside from the experience, I got to take home several cuts/wounds and bruises, even though I wore my aqua shoes (I think aqua shoes should be high cut or may ganun na ba? lol my ideas).

Day trip entrance is Php 500 for adults and I think Php 420 for kids. You can rent a cabana for Php 1,500 for the entire day. The food (which is one of the things we always look forward to every trip) was simply unsatisfying (except for the Milo drink/shake that I loveeed). There are several activities available such as diving, kayaking, frisbee, volleyball, etc. Luigi and his brother rented a flying disc for Php 200 (good for 2 hours only). The rental of equipment/gears are quite expensive and in my opinion not worth it all (lakas makaopinion umeexpert feels hahaha). So it's best for you to bring these if you already have them (e.g. vest, volleyball, snorkeling gear, etc.). We wanted to play volleyball but didn't want to rent na so we just asked those who were already playing if we can join them (hashtag kapal ng mga mukha lang haha).

Overall though we still enjoyed as we got to spend time with his family. The worst part of the trip was our unbelievable travel back to Manila. NLEX was literally like a parking lot (similar to when we had our Sagada trip two weeks ago, ugh I can't even). I think we spent around 4 hours in NLEX alone, nakakabaliw. So a little tip, if you're planning to head North, don't go back to Manila on a Sunday night nakakastress I swear!
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Thursday, April 14

Sagada 2016

Luigi and I went to Sagada (with side trip to La Trinidad, Benguet) last April 8-10 with my childhood friends (BFFs) and Crowne Plaza friends (Pabebe friends). I've always been fascinated with the place ever since I watched That Thing Called Tadhana.

It was an exhausting yet fulfilling (nuks) trip. There were a lot of WALKING/HIKING/TREKKING on our tour that I wanted to bawl like a child every single time (shempre OA lang but seriously that part was too painful for me yuck drama kainis!).
Source: Giphy
Source: Giphy

Hated our accommodation (we didn't have a choice since it was part of the package and we weren't able to actually choose where we wanted to stay). Loved the food (we went to Yoghurt House, Salt and Pepper, Sagada Brew). Blessed to have such awesome (and clingy) friends who made it unforgettable (in more ways than one). Enjoy watching! (p.s. please bear with my video editing shizz lol).

Monday, April 4

We Scream for Ice Cream: Carousel Creamery

There are quite a few things I don't see eye to eye with my boyfriend, but food/eating is definitely not one of them (foodie takaw alert). Luigi is crazy obsessed when it comes to desserts; chocolates, cakes, ice cream, etc. You will never hear him say "no" to anything sweet (that's why he loves me so much ang sweet ko kasi okay hahahaha feck).

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So when I heard about this ice cream shop that offers 101 flavors, I knew we'd have to try it (hello 100+ FLAVORS ba naman kasi eh, it made me so happy just thinking about it haha)
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Carousel Creamery is located in Missouri Street, Greenhills. The place exudes a very chill atmosphere. What (obviously) stands out is their ice cream display (nakakalula sa dami! lol).

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It took us forever (okay exagg, but we really took a lot of time) to choose. We decided to get triple scoops (Php 200) each so we can try more flavors (baboy mode on).

We were able to try their Dark Choco Chip and Almond Roca but decided not to get them (yay for free taste!). They also offer unique (aka sounds weird) flavors such as Bacon and Cheese (two things I love deeply but apparently not in ice cream lol), and Beer and Chicaron (two things Luigi enjoys but found odd combined with ice cream haha). In the end, we decided to just stick to our favorites.
Strawberry Yogurt, White Chocolate Almond Fudge, Dark Side Chocolate, Green Tea, Peanut Butter Cup, Blueberry Cheesecake
Their ice cream did not disappoint; creamy and flavorful (sobra as in!). Dark Side was an instant favorite since we LOVE dark chocolate. I personally loved the Peanut Butter Cup and Blueberry Cheesecake. Among the 6 that we ordered, the green tea was our least favorite mainly because the "tea" flavor was a tad too strong for our liking.

10 down, 91 flavors to go. We'll definitely be back!